Rehearsal: What about Orfeo?

avec la Compagnie CocoonDance
rehearsal, work in progress

extrait "... In the beginning, only a reflective space of artistic encounter, a space, predetermined by the myth’ uniquely radical space between live, death and art, suitable for experience and experiment. In short, the myth of Orpheus deals with liminal experience. “…The movement of shift and turn – the forbidden (look-) touch is the centre: This torsion [rotation], like a dance figure, interrupts the motion between shadow and light, and in this trope of shift, of theft, the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice can be read as an allegory of choreography.“ (Gabriele Brandstetter) In this space, it is the indissoluble span between presence and absence that demonstrates the path of Orpheus and Eurydice as a space of movement of ‘turning’ and transformation. The step across the border at the irrevocable moment of ‘turning’ marks that quality which distinguishes dance: the fleetingness and transient in time and space." (Rainald Endraß)

photographie Christian Oeser

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